Weekly Targeted Individual Support Conference Call

Please join our weekly conference call every Sunday 12pm pst, 2pm est.

Hosted by: RenataM
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 114616


Click on the link above to see the complete list of archives for the weekly conference call.   Click on the title of the recording below to listen to individual recordings which will be posted here after the call.


Weekly Recordings

3/22/15 – Hidden Evil – The Bilderberg’s; Blacklisting; T.I. Talk

3/15/15 – Hidden Evil; Council on Foreign Relations; Mental Health System; T. I. Talk

3/8/15 – Trilateral Commission; Darlene Miles; T.I. Talk

3/1/15 – The Hidden Evil; The Financial Elite; T.I. Talk

2/22/15 – Scalar Waves, Gwen Towers, T.I. Talk

2/15/15 – T.I. Talk

2/1/15Extreme Targeting




2 thoughts on “Weekly Targeted Individual Support Conference Call

  1. my family are Christian and we are being targeted. im staying with my dad and myself and my son are being especially targeted I don’t know where to turn. soon will be on streets as housing seems to be thwarted. my love for my son runs deep but we are being turned against each other. hes 11. need someone to talk to to learn how I can help my family. 759-2431 228 6493


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