Targeted Individual Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.’s)

Frequently Asked Questions About Targeted Individuals


What is a Targeted Individual?

  • A person who has been put on a watch list who may be subjected to:
  • Blacklisting
  • Character Assassination
  • Organized Stalking
  • Bullying (Adult Bullying or Childhood bully at the child’s school and/or in the community)
  • Community Based Harassment
  • Workplace Mobbing
  • Electronic Harassment

How are Targets Selected?

  • Anyone Can Be Targeted but most commonly, targeted people are:
  • Whistle blowers
  • Activists
  • Outspoken Persons
  • Community Organizers
  • Family Members and/or friends of Targets
  • Activists
  • Conspiracy Theorists
  • Some people with access to sensitive information
  • Some military personnel or ex military and/or their family members
  • Some who Expose Corruption
  • Sympathizers of Government Injustices
  • Current or ex Cult members

What is the Goal of The Program?

  • This is a crime of revenge and a mind control campaign. More than likely this is done to punish and silence the target, to force social conformity and to change undesirable behaviors in the target. Some believe it is a government experiment. (psychological warfare, mind control, behavior modification).

Who is Behind the Targeting?

  • No one is 100% percent positive who is behind the program but there appears to be government entities involved in some targeting cases. (police, fire, medical professionals, government officials, etc.)

How Do I know I’m Being Targeted?

  • There are many ways Targets discover they are targeted, one of the main indications is that there are usually strange sets of events that occur in the targets life which indicate that something out of the ordinary is happening. The Target may notice being followed on foot or in vehicles by strangers, law enforcement at many levels, ambulance, fire department vehicles, etc.). It may also seem someone has entered the Targets home when they’re away. The Target may start to experience hearing voices in their head, or have unexplained pains, illnesses or burns to their body. The Target may notice people who were once friendly suddenly distance themselves from them or they may do intentional misdeeds to them. These events may become more frequent over time.

What is Electronic Harassment (EH)?

  • Technology used for microwave ovens can be used as a weapon to harass the Target. EH causes severe medical symptoms including Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart and blood pressure problems, headaches, cataracts, muscles cramps, memory loss and more.

What is Gang Stalking or Organized Stalking?

  • Organized stalking is the stalking and harassment by groups of people for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to silence the Target. It is highly compartmentalized, organized and widespread.  It is a psychological attack that can completely destroy a person’s life, leaving very little evidence to incriminate the perpetrators. The Target is discredited by intentional lies spread into society by the stalkers to get unsuspecting people to take part in the harassment. This blacklisting (smear campaign) is done to isolate the Target from family, friends and society so they have no form of support. There are many honest upstanding law enforcement officials but in some cases some corrupted law enforcement officials have been involved in the harassment.

Who’s Involved?

  • Perpetrators can be found in every level of society.  Multiple people take part in the harassment of one innocent person, making the attack a 24-hour harassment campaign against the target. Some people who are known to have been involved in the harassment are: Neighbors, business owners (and their employees), community watch groups, church members, family members, friends, co-workers, cults, fusion centers, law enforcement at many levels, masons, etc.

Are Targets Crazy?

  • No.  Most Targets are functional and upstanding citizens. The mental illness label is part of the discrediting campaign against the target. Once a target is labeled mentally ill most people won’t deal with them, and will stay away from the Target. The Target will no longer be credible in most people’s view.

How Can I Stop The Targeting?

  • In the past there has not been much help for Targets.  However recently there has been City officials willing to assist the Targets.

How You can Help.

  • Do not participate in this crime against innocent adults and children.
  • Remember the people contacting you are criminals posing as officials or corrupt officials involved in the harassment.
  • Research Targeted Individuals on the internet and come to your own conclusion.






12 thoughts on “Targeted Individual Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.’s)

    • I agree. Its pervasive. Honestly, I have given up hope. How can my family live with themselves? I welcome death. I can’t endure this the rest of my life. There is absolutely nothing to live for anymore.


    • The above site is dead. I ref’d his site in a youtube video, and he was also being stalked and it was coming to a head. Not sure if he was picked up or not.


    • Hi Jo, Sorry for the delayed response. I agree with you that this program needs to be exposed. We can all do our part by exposing this crime locally and via social media. Prayerfully one day soon we will all get together for peaceful demonstrations. Please check out my youtube videos and feel free to join in on my weekly support group conference call. Here’s a video detailing the info.

      God Bless and Stay Strong!


  1. Well written FAQ, nicely done and readable.
    Its allover the world, South Africa as well.

    Modern gang stalking is all about money, not so much the political agenda but making cash. Its a case of insurance fraud for the company that I once worked for. So sad that I am being killed as the company could not make an honest profit but had to resort to murder


    • Hello, it is unfortunate but you are correct this program is global. You mentioned murder, violence is never the answer but unfortunately many innocent targeted individuals have been killed as a result of this program. We have to find peaceful solutions to end this program. Please check out the archives to my weekly conference call and some of my youtube videos when you have a chance.


  2. Hi!
    It seems Im a TI, too…the more research Im doing about the topic, the more Im sure I could be a TI. I had many bullies, met many sociopathic people….I survived cyberharassment and cyberstalking….the perps were trying to undermine my well-being and self-esteem…and recently they even tried to undermine my social functioning and job….Im so angry that I feel I could kill them literally…I think I must have been targeted for several years…maybe it all started when I was a high school student…since then I met a lot of bullies and strangers wanting to have conversations with me…I was harassed in all previous jobs…Now Im 28…btw…Im not quite sure who selected me for targeting, though I suspect a psychopathic guy whom I refused to be in romantic relationship with…it seems this is the most possible explanation..since recently I became aware he is one of the perps, too…but again Im not quite sure…what I know is that those f.ckers already managed to undermine my friendships and even some relationships with family members….I see many people turned against me…even total strangers giving me despiseful looks…Im also becoming aware of other possible targets of this shit…Im so sorry for them, too. This all is a nightmare and those psychopats and sociopaths deserve the worst definitely. .


  3. The Dalt Hotel in San Francisco on Turk street is not my only enemy or when my horrific targeting started but the latest place/building I live at where things got worse and noticeable enough for me to definately notice that the rude treatment offensive and degrading names attitude and much worse against me are obviously “organized” for sure so I am a Targeted Individual for real. Then all the new managers new social workers and the like all wanting me to explain each time to a new person all the horrible creepy out of place nonsense things that constantly go on in this building where I always have a new person to have to re-explain old info to plus all of the latest and much worse targeting of me to the new social worker etc. goes on with no real help no solution whatsoever. The awful down playing and acting like nothing all that unusual type of acting and constant marginalising me and what I have to say is obvious and nothing but rationalizing and explaining away terrible things like starting arguments till I yell back at someone who keeps pulling my chain until I yell then Taking videos of it and someone telling me the whole building wants me to move or that “they” are trying to evict me and denying saying stuff like that plus much worse, all go on at The Dalt Hotel. Moving won’t help as reading all about this sort of thing online will tell you. Comparing notes with others does the same thing. Moving won’t help. Someone moved from Canada to China then Italy and still got messed with no matter how far or how many times he moved plus many more examples by other victims online gives me the heads up to not even bother. Someone here another tenant told her calls she expects but never gets must be redirected to another phone so I know others here are targeted and many people here have multiple problems that keep happening ,broken motorized wheelchair and threats on his life, etc. and other people telling me horror stories that happened to them. I’m actually lucky considering the worse stuff that happens to other tenants here but everything gets downplayed and many people here are told not to talk to me plus people who work here tell me not to bother someone I was only talking to and not actually bothering so people who work here only want me to talk to certain select people then I just get told don’t bother someone when I only talked to them nothing more. It’s all this “Don’t talk to her she’s nuts” type of thing that happened at a previous address then continues here where the level 2 and 3 of the harassment routine ramped up. I used to have little or no problems before with other people and things but it’s been a problem with everything from plumbing to always something breaking and the whole building having to deal with multiple broken whatever that tenants are expected to want to use . That’s all , oops plus someone always messing up the restrooms with colored some kind of die paint whatever and awful bathtub rings and messed up everything in the shared restrooms . The list is endless . Overheard directed conversation heckling etc. Always some excuse given by people who get complaints about all this stuff, protecting and defending guilty parties etc. That’s all. Signed, ANGRY T-I.!!!


  4. Endless problems with no help from new social workers or new managers who expect you to explain all over again from the beginning all the awful stuff that continues to go on at The Dalt Hotel in San Francisco . No matter how many times a new manager and social worker come in plus new desk people who pretend not to know what’s going on so you have to keep explaining to yet a new person the ramped up harassment and bullying that only gets worse since moving here and of course not much at all gets done never mind how much me or other tenants complain. It’s obvious I’m a targeted individual after realizing things are all organized and planned out in advance with obvious problems caused and continued by other people as I myself don’t do anything to mess up some kitchen and I myself don’t do anything to mess up any of the restrooms or anything else going on that delays or blocks or suppresses anything from just wanting to talk to another tenant there to making a phone call to sending an email at the library you name it it’s all hard to do. I have lived in places where next to nothing no real problems at all happened with me and other tenants no problems with anything at all in other residential hotels I stayed at but other reasons to move or the rent being raised all the time etc. But The Dalt Hotel and life before moving here was getting worse and worse with endless problem people coming my way and screwing my life up. I am definately at level 2 or 3 on the targeted individual level with the ramped up harassment bullying , all kinds of messed with communications people starting fights with me no matter how hard I try not to fight back but I end up yelling and swearing when the picking on me doesn’t end until I do then my neighbor takes a video of me being all angry and I get video taped due to having my chain pulled constantly etc. This is horrible,


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