Gangstalker Debriefing

Please see video at the end of this post.

This guy says he was approached to become a gang stalker and attended a gangstalking seminar AT CITY HALL. He said he decided not to do it but shares some of the information he said he received from the seminar. The video confirmes some of the things most T.I.’s have concluded through their own targeting and observation. Here are some of the things he said that caught my attention.
Some observations:
•He doesn’t seem to know the scope of the whole program, (I figured they don’t tell the stalkers everything).
•They work for gift cards (I’ve heard this before, I beleive this is how they pay the foot soldiers but some of the higher up’s, supervisors, etc. may get cash and gifts, cars, houses, etc.). Also I beleive they’re paid with gift cards because gift cards must be bought in cash so paying with gift cards will not leave a paper trail back to the purchaser when they pay the stalkers.
•He says the stalkers can’t be on drugs but I know for a fact a lot of them are on drugs so I don’t know if that’s accurate.
A good number of stalkers are ex convicts who were offered early release from jail for their participation in stalking.
•He says you have to be out of jail for 6 months before they’ll hire you
(I’m not too sure of that)
•They make them sign a contract that they’re not responsible if something happens to them, so I’m assuming that means if something happens the government removes themselves and makes the perps deal with the problem on their own.
•The training seminar for the stalkers was held at City Hall (WOW). I’m not sure why that surprises me but WOW!
Most perpetrators don’t expose what they know, so if this is a legitimate potential stalker let’s pray for him because we know the dangers of him exposing their secrets.


Published on Sep 20, 2014

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