Leuren Moret: DHS uses Berkeley, CA Template to Overthrow USA — Gangstalking, EMF, Grid Changes

Independent Scientist Lauren Moret discusses the elite’s plan to build new world order cities all over America.  The project has already started in the San Francisco Bay Area through U.C. Berkley in Berkley, CA, but will be rolled out all over America and eventually the World. 

Some highlights of the video:

  • New World Order Cities will be organized so that “undesireable” people won’t be allowed in certain cities, parks and other public places.
  • Homeless people, mentally ill, Drug Abusers, Vetrans and others are rounded up with police assistance, put on buses, fed well, paid or rewarded in some way and shipped off to undisclosed locations, trained and given electronic devices then returned to certain communities to stalk and target people.
  • Chem Trails – creating staph disease, creating flea epidemic
  • Transhumanism Agenda
  • Organ Harvesting
  • Poisoned water and much more

This video is packed with very important information that we all should pay attention to.



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