Gas Lighting and Gang Stalking Hand Signals


One thought on “Gas Lighting and Gang Stalking Hand Signals

  1. Its very likely that the moron, fake patriot, criminal asshole animals, my perps use gang stalking signals with me.

    Thing is, I have not payed attention to it because its downright #@%$$#G stupid, like a bunch of drunken mimes-How perps are NOT embarrassed to make such pathetic fools of themselves is beyond me.

    Just like some of my retarded “adult” neighbors’ synchronization usually with cars and walking in and out of the house.

    I UNDERSTAND how the license plates designed with the target in mind can upset the TI or how the coughing and hand signals can also be unnerving but again, the perps are screaming to the world, “look at me! I’m a government-paid whore and proud of it! I’ll do anything for money! ANYTHING!!”

    If the TI’s understanding of the perp’s “secret government agent” hand signals serves to make them understand and deal with this TERRORISM better, that’s great.

    What boggles my mind is how these sad, grinning, sorry pieces of s–t make Satanic signs with the intent to terrify their target.

    Its a matter of dignity and these sacks of crap have none.
    If the average perp was forced to watch what they said and did to a target(S) in say a week’s time they’d be ashamed, embarrassed-That’s IF most of these empty soulless ass clowns are able to even feel true shame, guilt, embarrassment or remorse.

    I seriously doubt it.

    Once these lazy criminal cowards take the path of “the dark side,” the EASY way, they usually stay on that course out of habit and of course because they get that nice adrenaline rush of power and the U.S. government check doesn’t hurt either.


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