College Students Being Trained as Spies at American Colleges

Spy LadyHi Mom and dad I’m a spy!

You send your children off to college expecting them to return a top doctor, lawyer or maybe a teacher, instead they return a CIA trained spy.  The IC Center Program is an open secret, and the CIA apparently prefers that it stay more secret than open-as they are disclosing very little information about the program.

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One thought on “College Students Being Trained as Spies at American Colleges

  1. This is such a long story but please bear with me. For me not to share this would be a crime.

    I am a 47 year old African-American male from Maryland just north of Washington D.C. I am a retired firefighter with a 13 year old daughter.

    In 1994 my sister, was enrolled in grad school in the process of earning her PhD in english, secondary education from the University of Pittsburgh. At this period I lived at home with my mother.

    In August of 1994 my sister and I spoke by telephone briefly.
    I noticed the volume of her radio was elevated which I assumed was the reason she was having problems hearing me.
    Our conversation consisted of small talk and I either disconnected or transferred the phone back to my mother.

    My sister telephoned ten minutes later and stated she was hearing voices in her head that were telling her she was worthless and saying awful, obscene things to her.

    I asked if she was in any danger or if she had any intentions of harming herself. She responded, “no”.
    I told her I would be there in two and a half hours and asked her if she would be safe until I arrived. She replied that she was safe in her apartment.

    I drove to Pennsylvania and retrieved my sister.
    Her appearance was fine but still heard voices.

    While in transit to Maryland we talked. She explained that initially she felt someone was playing a joke on her nearby.

    Her friends were fellow classmates and there was an interest in a young man but I do not have much information on them.
    She did confess that she shared the information of her “crush” with at least one of her friends and made an accusation of seeing the the two of them (friend and male subject of interest) together
    in the library.

    We arrived at my mothers home late in the evening. My mother made arrangements for my sister to be assessed at the Psychiatric Institute where she was admitted for a week and diagnosed with schizophrenia without any prior history. We are relatively close and I do not have any memories of her having a mental illness.

    She did attempt to return to Pittsburgh but returned home 16 months later to be closer to family.

    My sister obtained a position at a local community college as an associate professor of English which lasted five years but the pressure of the classroom and unruly students became too much for her to contend with. She resigned and was awarded Social Security for her disability.

    In my retirement I switched off my television and enjoy watching Youtube documentaries and short clips for information. Though the content may or may not be verifiable, it is healthy to listen to
    watch and listen to what others have to say. Every so often I locate content which I can apply to situations which I’ve encountered or someone I love has experienced.

    This morning I found the video about Gang Stalking by Mrs. Renata Murry (bears a strong resemblance to my sister).

    As I listened I considered my sister’s academic failure which was monumental and although it has been twenty years, lost potential still weights heavily with her. You can see it in her eyes.

    I was able to satisfy my boyhood dream of operating big red trucks and refuse to dismiss any subject which could possibly aid my sister.

    I apologize for the length of this and thank you for your time.




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